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What do the timeline colors represent?
What does X error message mean?
To what direction do the wind arrows point?
What do the percentages mean?
Why is the daily precipitation percentage so high when the hourly precipitation value is so low?
How do I view pressure, dew point, visibility, cloud cover, etc?
Do you have a “feels like” feature?
In what countries are you available?
In the new update, what happened to humidity, wind speed, uv index, and dew point information?
In the new update, what happened to the next hour graph?


Does Dark Sky support family sharing?
Do I have to pay again to install Dark Sky on another iOS device?

Apple Watch

Why isn't the Apple Watch updating properly?
How do I change from Fahrenheit to Celsius on the Apple Watch?


Why can’t I scroll further into the future?
Why is the map view zoomed out when I load it? Can I change this?


Why am I not receiving my notifications?


How do I search for a new location?
How do I permanently save a location?
How do I delete a location?
Why isn’t the location showing my home address?
Why am I getting notifications for the wrong location?
Dark Sky uses my location in the background when notifications are turned on. Won’t this drain my battery?

Icons and Units

How do I change from Fahrenheit to Celsius?