Wind: 4 mph
Humidity: 100%
Dew Pt: 37˚
UV Index: 2
Visibility: 9 mi
Pressure: 1024 mb
! High Wind Watch
partly-cloudy-day Icon 37˚ Mostly Cloudy. Feels Like: 33˚ Low: 35˚ High: 42˚ Drizzle starting in 20 min.
10min 30min 50min
Next Hour: Drizzle starting in 20 min.
Light rain throughout the week, with high temperatures rising to 62°F tomorrow.
rain Icon Today 35˚ 42˚
Rain until afternoon, starting again overnight.
35˚ 11am 42˚ 12am
Sunrise Icon 7:01am Sunset Icon 6:10pm
Rain 0.73 in
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wind Icon Sun 40˚ 62˚
Mostly cloudy until afternoon and windy throughout the day.
40˚ 12am 62˚ 11am
Sunrise Icon 7:00am Sunset Icon 6:11pm
Rain 0.18 in
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wind Icon Mon 33˚ 48˚
Dangerously windy in the morning.
33˚ 8am 48˚ 4pm
Sunrise Icon 6:58am Sunset Icon 6:12pm
Rain 0 in
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partly-cloudy-night Icon Tue 32˚ 57˚
Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon.
32˚ 6am 57˚ 4pm
Sunrise Icon 6:57am Sunset Icon 6:13pm
Rain 0 in
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partly-cloudy-day Icon Wed 27˚ 60˚
Mostly cloudy until evening.
27˚ 7am 60˚ 4pm
Sunrise Icon 6:56am Sunset Icon 6:14pm
Rain 0.01 in
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partly-cloudy-night Icon Thu 38˚ 61˚
Partly cloudy in the morning.
38˚ 7am 61˚ 4pm
Sunrise Icon 6:54am Sunset Icon 6:15pm
Rain 0.02 in
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fog Icon Fri 37˚ 50˚
Foggy in the morning.
37˚ 10am 50˚ 12am
Sunrise Icon 6:53am Sunset Icon 6:16pm
Rain 0.4 in
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rain Icon Sat 40˚ 58˚
Rain in the morning and windy starting in the evening.
40˚ 7am 58˚ 1pm
Sunrise Icon 6:52am Sunset Icon 6:17pm
Rain 0.43 in
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